The iWile stereo pillows are perfect to relax in case of stress, sleep problems or simply for your favourite music to dream! All models have HiFi stereo speakers and can be ordered at Amazon.

The iWile stereo sleep pillow is ideal for gently falling asleep with a meditation or relaxing music.

iWile Foam Pillow

The iWile stereo foam pillow is ideal for falling asleep relaxed while supporting your head and neck area.

iWile Neck Pillow

The iWile stereo neck pillow is available in black and grey and is ideal to regain energy in a relaxation break.

Convenient listening – without headset

A unique possibility to enjoy guided meditations and music conveniently and more effectively at a pleasant volume. This helps you to relax even easier – without pressing or disturbing headphones, because the small hi-fi stereo speakers are located in the pillow.

Due to the universal headphone jack, the pillows need no batteries and can be connected to all standard devices such as smartphones, tablets, MP3 and CD players.

Our short Video shows how you can use the iWile stereo pillow in conjunction with the iWile App.