Bringing together the playback of audio programs such as music, meditations and language courses with an alarm clock makes the iWile App ideal for relaxing, falling asleep and the acquirement of new skills. For example, fall asleep and wake-up to music, listen to a guided meditation in a relaxing break or simply being aroused by pleasant alarm tones.


Smiley: After falling asleep the audio program will pause and only continue to wake you up smoothly before the alarm clock starts.


Play: For a short relaxing break in the afternoon, the complete audio program is played without any interception.


Alarm clock: No audio program – you are awaken only through the gentle alam tones which can be rendered via the iWile pillow, for example.

Enjoy any time of day

Benefit from the special receptivity of the brain during the phases of relaxation, falling asleep and waking up. e.g. to strengthen your mental power. Due to the integrated alarm clock, you can do this particularly effectively with just one click.

Install the free iWile App on your Apple or Android device now. A variety of relaxing and learning programs by well-known trainers, psychologists and musicians can then be loaded comfortably within the App. With the Pro version tracks from your own music library can also be selected.

Check out App Impressions in order to get a first glance of the iWile App.