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iWile® – the new and effective way to listen to relaxation and learning programs

iWile Audio Programs

Audio Programs

iWile offers a variety of audio programs around the themes of well-being, personal development, mindfulness and learn new skills. From relaxation music through guided meditations to audio language courses – all programs come from renowned trainers, musicians and publishers.

iWile App


The free iWile App for MindFit & Meditation allows you to play the audio programs to fall asleep relaxed and wake up gently, so exactly when the subconscious mind is particularly receptive. The App also offers samples and free programs as in-app download.

Stereo Pillows

The iWile stereo pillows have two integrated loudspeakers and therefore offer a unique possibility to enjoy guided meditations and music. This helps you to relax even easier – without disturbing headphones.

For a powerful body the human being requires a fine balance between tension and relaxation. Are the phases of relaxation too short or too rare over a longer period, caused for example by insomnia, diseases can easily occur because the body is not given enough time to regenerate. But health and well-being also require a balanced diet and physical fitness.
iWile offers a wide variety of audio programs that address all aspects of well-being. Give yourself a break regularly and listen to one of these special relaxation programs.
A good mental and spiritual constitution of a human being is what brings the body to radiation, it increases our inner beauty and attractiveness. A healthy mind wants to evolve, according to its needs to experience something new and learn something new every day. The result is self-fulfillment, satisfaction, lived emotions and a strong personal charisma.
Many guided meditations and hypnosis programs help you to become clear on your own needs and to enable personal growth. Particularly comfortable and effective, you can listen to these meditations with iWile when falling asleep and waking up, namely when your dutiful consciousness is completely relaxed.
Language Courses

You want to learn foreign languages? Then you’ve come to the right place! Because with iWile learning is easier. Studies have shown that we can remember better on newly-learned things when we sleep after learning.
Whether for business use or for your next vacation – iWile offers a wide range of audio language courses, all launched by renowned language publishers. Also, there is something especially for children and young people.


Become clever in your sleep

Learn while you sleep - sounds fantastic. In fact, it seems to be possible to specifically support memory formation at night. This is the conclusion of a Spiegel Online article. The learning programs from iWile [...]

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