Become clever in your sleep

By | 2. June 2016|

Learn while you sleep - sounds fantastic. In fact, it seems to be possible to specifically support memory formation at night. This is the conclusion of a Spiegel Online article. The learning programs from iWile [...]

Relax and Learn

By | 26. February 2016|

In the category body & spirit of the winter edition of the German magazine GESUND there is a very informative article about iWile. Under the headline "Relax and Learn - comfortably and effectively" the benefits of [...]

iWile in Agil Magazine

By | 17. November 2015|

In the health section of the November issue of the Agil Magazine it is noted that in case of tormenting tinnitus relaxation techniques such as meditation and autogenic training can be helpful. In this connection, reference is [...]

Just in time for the summer holidays

By | 19. June 2015|

There is still time to brush up your language skills for the summer holidays! In addition to English, the audio language courses from the publisher Hueber Verlag for French, Spanish and Italian are now available on [...]

Free audio program

By | 7. April 2015|

As part of the proVego, the trade fair for health, healing and nutrition, iWile offers the first track of the series "Wunschfigur – Eine Begleitung auf deinem persönlichen Weg zum Erfolg" by Marlies Fösges free [...]

New free meditations

By | 7. April 2015|

New free meditations - a gift to share! Our new category for free audio programs has received an addition. Many thanks to Georg Huber that we may offer two of his wonderful relaxing meditations free [...]

Learn languages while falling asleep

By | 24. March 2015|

With iWile you can now also learn languages very easily. In cooperation with the publisher Hueber Verlag iWile provides audio language courses to learn English in the first step, further languages will follow shortly. Because studies [...]

New offering requires new alignment

By | 19. March 2015|

Our offer of audio programs is constantly expanding. At the same time also new and interesting topics are added. Launching with meditations, in the meantime we also have  hypnosis programs, relaxation music, nature sounds and [...]