About iWile

The objective of iWile is to support people to improve their quality of life, including through better and healthier sleep, more pleasure getting up and at the same time strengthen their mental power.

Become clever in your sleep

By | 2. June 2016|

Learn while you sleep - sounds fantastic. In fact, it seems to be possible to specifically support memory formation at night. This is the conclusion of a Spiegel Online article. The learning programs from iWile use precisely this discovery that before falling asleep learned things are better stored in long-term memory.

NEW on iWile – Meditations by Veit Lindau

By | 9. May 2016|

We are pleased to present one of the most renowned successful coaches on iWile! You may want to listen at his German meditations! There are free audio programs and others with special iWile music added to enhance their effectiveness. Veit Lindau sees himself as caring cultural provocateur, mindful business punk and free spirit.

Relax and Learn

By | 26. February 2016|

In the category body & spirit of the winter edition of the German magazine GESUND there is a very informative article about iWile. Under the headline "Relax and Learn - comfortably and effectively" the benefits of iWile are described. This includes the positive effect of the audio programs, the easier use with the iWile App and comfortable [...]

iWile in Agil Magazine

By | 17. November 2015|

In the health section of the November issue of the Agil Magazine it is noted that in case of tormenting tinnitus relaxation techniques such as meditation and autogenic training can be helpful. In this connection, reference is made to iWile that can provide a contribution with corresponding audio programs and the stereo pillows.

Ticket raffle for the Schirner Days 2015

By | 21. October 2015|

Win a 3-day ticket worth € 24 for the Schirner Days in Darmstadt! Among all comments to our Facebook post we will draw two cards on 25th of October. Of course, we also welcome your feedback on our new website and blog. Good luck, and visite us at the Schirner Days!

Just in time for the summer holidays

By | 19. June 2015|

There is still time to brush up your language skills for the summer holidays! In addition to English, the audio language courses from the publisher Hueber Verlag for French, Spanish and Italian are now available on iWile. From audio programs specifically for children to intensive courses for advanced students, from topics such as travel guides like "Experience [...]

Free audio program

By | 7. April 2015|

As part of the proVego, the trade fair for health, healing and nutrition, iWile offers the first track of the series "Wunschfigur – Eine Begleitung auf deinem persönlichen Weg zum Erfolg" by Marlies Fösges free of charge until April 12. The series consists of eight short relaxation trances, ideal to involve the subconscious while falling [...]

New free meditations

By | 7. April 2015|

New free meditations - a gift to share! Our new category for free audio programs has received an addition. Many thanks to Georg Huber that we may offer two of his wonderful relaxing meditations free of charge for the iWile App for some time! Perhaps there is someone who would be happy about this gift [...]