At iWile you can find a wide variety of relaxation and learning programs that are played perfectly with the iWile App. This includes guided hypnosis programs, meditations, relaxation music, healing sounds and audio language courses by renowned coaches, psychologists, authors and publishers.

Guided Programs

Hypnosis programs, guided meditations and imaginary journeys, also especially for children.

Learning Programs

Specific learning subjects such as audio language courses for English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Music Programs

Relaxation music, nature sounds and sound therapies.

The right program for every need

We recommend to purchase the audio programs only from the iWile App. For Android devices, it is also possible to buy the programs with the standard browser from the iWile Shop and then load them into the App afterwards. But no matter what device you have, you can definitely browse in the iWile Shop comfortably and listen to the audio samples – just click on the images above.

Many of the iWile programs are already offered by other providers as CDs, for example. The main advantage to acquire them for the iWile App is that they can be played conveniently and more effectively with the Smiley function during falling asleep and waking up. In addition, the programs are automatically always at your hand on your smartphone.

Please note that the iWile audio programs can only be played with the iWile MindFit & Wellness Alarm Clock App. The App can be downloaded free of charge for Apple and Android.