The objective of iWile is to support people to improve their quality of life, including through better and healthier sleep, more pleasure getting up and at the same time strengthen their mental power. This is achieved by listening to selected relaxation and learning programs during falling asleep and waking up.

To accomplish this iWile uses the App technology, not only because smartphones and tablets are almost always at hand, but because they offer more options than traditional CD and MP3 players. Thus, the audio program can be automatically stopped after a certain time when going to sleep, to be then resumed in the morning before the alarm.

The audio programs include topics as against stress/burnout, lack of motivation and apathy, fear of school, but also programs for more vitality, professional success and performance improvement. Even audio courses for easy learning of foreign languages are part of the program. With iWile the listener can therefore gain not only greater well-being, but by learning content even acquire new skills. By listening in a relaxed state – like falling asleep – the audio programs especially address the subconscious mind.

For the broad and varied offering of audio programs iWile has a collaboration with renowned international trainers, coaches, authors, musicians and publishers. In addition to our rich descriptions of the trainers and audio programs in our shop we also refer to the respective websites of the specialists, so that you can check in detail about their content and offers.

In order to be able to listen to the audio programs comfortably and without oppressive headphones – especially in bed during falling asleep and waking up – iWile offers special sleep and neck pillows with built-in stereo speakers. These can be connected directly to the smartphone or another playback device.

Founders of iWile

The founders of iWile:

Per Vindeby (right)

Ulrich Schnitzler (left)

Further background information can be found here:

The iWile App enables both convenient access to the shop content, as well as the automatic playing of the audio programs in the fall asleep and wakeup phase in conjunction with an alarm clock function. This means, you will automatically hear the first part of the audio program in the evening when you set the alarm-clock letting you fall asleep easily. And in the morning, you will hear the wakeup part of the audio program – even before the alarm-clock goes off – waking you up smoothly. In addition, the iWile App can also play an audio program without the alarm clock, e.g. for an after lunch break.

The iWile App is a useful complement to conventional playback options of audio content, as well as a further development of classical mp3 players towards a scheduled and optimized playback of specific audio programs such as relaxation exercises, meditations, educational content, etc.

For organizing and playing this special audio content there has been no satisfactory solution, because the requirements for listening to such content differ from pure music playback.

Normal music mostly consists of short tracks that can be played randomly without paying attention to it, whereas the special audio programs offered on iWile are meant for concentrated listening for a longer but defined time period. In addition, this content should be heard in a moment of quietness, such as before falling asleep, when waking up or during a relaxation rest.

The iWile App is currently available for Android and Apple devices. Other systems such as Microsoft Windows Phone are planned.

Many of the tracks on iWile are already offered as a CD on the market. iWile has adapted these CDs in close consultation with the rights holders, so that they will be played optimally for the falling asleep and wakeup phase. In addition, of course, a continuous playing of an audio program with the iWile App is possible.

Since the iWile audio programs are managed separately from the normal mp3 music on the smartphone, this facilitates not only finding the desired audio in the iWile App more easily, but also prevents the mixing with the existing music library. For someone who wants to listen to his music, a randomly selection of a meditation would be very annoying – as a driver of a vehicle that might be even dangerous.

Moreover iWile provides for a better listening experience special iWile sleep and neck pillows with built-in hi-fi stereo speakers, especially if the audio programs will be heard in bed. The speakers are flat and positioned in a way so that they do not disturb sleep. The stereo effect is critical to many audio programs, such as with binaural beats, where the left and right brain are stimulated differently. Unlike ear plugs the pillows also support listening with the body by perceiving the sound through the skin, hair roots and bones – which corresponds more closely to the natural hearing.

As a convenient alternative to headphones the pillows still allow individual listening, without disturbing the person next to you in bed. With the iWile App you can even play the alarm exclusively through the iWile pillow so that you are gently awakened. Your partner will thank you, in the event that he does not want to be woken up yet.

Die iWile Kissen haben einen Standard-Kopfhörer-Stecker und können an alle gängigen Wiedergabegeräte wie mp3- oder CD-Player angeschlossen werden, z.B. zum angenehmen Hören von normaler Musik oder Hörbüchern.

The iWile pillows have a standard headset plug and can be connected to all conventional playback devices like mp3 or CD players, for example for pleasant listening to normal music or audiobooks.

For rights holders of audio programs such as meditations, trances, relaxing music and learning programs iWile provides a novel, specialized App to distribute their content and to provide a new and powerful listening experience to their clientele. The rights holders do not need to develop their own App, but their audio programs can be offered via the iWile App.

The global iWile eco-system is structured author centric, i.e. every author gets his/her own page on iWile, under which all audio programs of the rights holder are listed. In addition, each author page can be linked to the homepage of the rights holder.